Why Parents Are a Big Part of Private Kindergarten

Why Parents Are a Big Part of Private Kindergarten - private kindergarten - Montessori Fremont

There are 3 important players in a private kindergarten, the child, her parents, and the school itself, a triad that is vital to the success of the Montessori Method. Children are a blank slate that is slowly filled with information, the school is a source of encouragement and information, and parents are the role model and practice field for what is being learned.Read More »

5 Easy Tips to Encourage Your Kinder to Write

5 Easy Tips to Encourage Your Kinder to Write - Private kindergarten - Montessori Fremont

Kindergarten is a perfect time for children to learn to write. They will probably begin kindergarten with knowledge of the alphabet and even a limited dictionary of words, but this is the time to learn how words form sentences and sentences define everything they want to say or do. These 5 tips will help you encourage your kids to write and enjoy doing so.Read More »

April Shower Activities to Do At Home With Your Kids

Activities to Do At Home With Your Kids - Montessori elementary school - Hill Point Montessori

One day it’s raining and pouring and the next it’s cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. April weather can be unpredictable, and kids spend a lot of time indoors, especially once their Montessori Elementary School closes for spring break. Luckily, April showers don’t have to make life boring. With some indoor and outdoor fun activities, you can keep the kids engaged while giving them an opportunity to learn about new things that this kind of weather offers. With these in mind, here are five fun and educational activities that you can do at home with your kids!Read More »

Can You Deduct Your Montessori Preschool Expenses in AZ?

Montessori preschool - Can You Deduct Your Montessori Preschool Expenses in AZ?

It may come as a surprise to some, but your Montessori preschool expenses may be partially deductible on both your federal and Arizona tax returns. Arizona state laws provide two options for getting a tax break and Montessori preschool parents may qualify for both. You will have to meet certain requirements for federal and state credits, and there are limits to how much you are able to claim.Read More »