Embracing Diversity in the Montessori Classroom

embracing-diversity-Montessori preschool-Hill Point Montessori

There has never been a better time to introduce children to diversity at your Montessori elementary or preschool school than now. We live in a world where political boundaries have softened, and people are traveling far and wide to experience different cultures. The result is a multicultural society consisting of people of different backgrounds, color, beliefs, languages, cultures, and lifestyles. All this is not lost to your child. As they join preschool or elementary school and start to interact with other kids, they will come across different people and recognize their differences.

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Music in the Montessori Preschool Environment

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Music has an important role to play in the Montessori preschool environment. It helps small children develop fine motor skills, learn about rhythm and timing, and serves as a conduit for learning history, science, and other academic skills like math and language. Whether the children are clapping their hands, using instruments, or singing songs, music teaches as it pleases the ear and soothes the spirit.

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8 Tips to Keep Your Montessori Preschooler Healthy in School

Tips to Keep Your Montessori Preschooler Healthy in School-Hill Point Montessori

If your child is in Montessori preschool or elementary school, the winter months can be a challenging time, health-wise. It is cold and flu season and schools tend to experience waves of these minor illnesses as kids share snacks, hold hands, handoff school supplies, and generally pass around whatever germs they came to the classroom with. However, there are some tried and true tips for keeping your child’s immune system strong so they can weather the season and minimize sick days. Read on to learn seven ways you can help your preschooler stay healthy. Read More »

Tips for Developing your Montessori Preschooler’s Self Esteem

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Self-esteem is a cornerstone of development in a Montessori preschool student. Children who have a sense of personal value tend to be more expressive and extroverted. They usually fare better in social environments and perform better in school, at home, and on the playground. Because parents are the role models of their children, building self-esteem starts in the home and can begin as early as infancy.Read More »

Transform the Magic of the Holidays into a Montessori Learning Experience

Christmas-food-ideas-Montessori Fremont

The holiday season is a wonderful time to spend with loved ones, enjoy holiday food, have fun times together, and create lasting memories. Equally, the holiday season is an ideal time for parents to encourage their children to recharge and view learning as an ongoing activity. Rather than leaving your preschooler to run around the house looking for a way to make use of their extra energy, consider involving them in practical activities to transform the season into a learning experience.

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What is Different About Montessori Schools?

What is Different About Montessori Schools?

There are many things that set Montessori schools apart, but here are four noteworthy differentiators to consider: 

Student-directed learning

From Montessori preschool onward, students are expected to be active participants in their education and direct their own learning. Dr. Maria Montessori, the creator of this method of education, concluded from her work as a researcher and educator that children possess an innate curiosity and aptitude for learning. To her, “education” is meant to nurture these inborn qualities and cultivate a practice of lifelong learning. Instead of a teacher driving how and what is learned, students are asked to direct and own their own learning. Self-motivation and self-discipline are encouraged. This looks like students following their curiosity, teaching and learning from each other, collaborating, and valuing creativity in themselves and their peers. 
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