Practical Life: Fall Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Practical Life: Fall Crafts Your Kids Will Love - Montessori kindergarten - Montessori West

Fall is a time to be grateful for everything. Montessori kindergarten students can apply many of the skills they are learning in school to making exciting projects at home like a scarecrow for the front porch, a pumpkin to accompany it, and keeping a journal of the best things in life.

How To Teach Toddlers With Thanksgiving Activities

How To Teach Toddlers With Thanksgiving Activities - Montessori daycare - Montessori West

Daycare students are the perfect age to start learning about thankfulness and the wonderful feeling we get when we are helpful to others. It is also an excellent time to foray into the forest and learn about the changing seasons. With a little creativity, you can combine the two into exciting adventures with very little out-of-pocket expense.

Why is Learning Through Nature So Successful?

Why is Learning Through Nature So Successful? - Montessori daycare - Montessori West

Authentic Montessori daycare foster a love of nature and the environment. Maria Montessori observed that people are becoming further and further removed from intimate involvement with nature. Instead of spending time in the forests, on the beaches, and climbing the mountains, we are more and more content to see those things from a distance and tend to a small plot of ground around the home. She sought to address the separation of people from the natural world by giving children access to as much nature as she could.

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